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Zuzana Morvayova

Transcript to follow.

Cultural Practices Magazine hosts the newest episode of The Art of the Invisible podcast which discusses the last year of the pandemic with Cristina BoariProfessor of Business Strategy at the University of Bologna. Her words help us re-evaluate the current crisis not only as a disaster, but rather as an opportunity for change, adaptation and creating new partnerships. Topics of discussion include, why are organisations able to benefits from collaborations and how to ensure we have chosen the right partner? Additionally, how did COVID-19 speed up the transition of cultural institutions to online presence and communication? Tune in and enjoy this interview with a lot of first-hand examples!



Zuzana Morvayova is a student of the Master programme Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts at the University of Bologna. However, before deciding on the arts and culture sphere, she had a business and management background. This jump to a completely different field of study where she had almost no knowledge led her to the idea of exploring it also outside of the lectures. Thus, since February 2020 she started interviewing professionals from ‘behind the scenes’ of the creative industries. Zuzana, from Slovakia, is especially fascinated by the fields of classical music and opera. Email:

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