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Open Call: A Cultural Practice Postcard From….

What does it mean to be practicing in the cultural and creative industries? How do we understand practice and the many forms, acts, spaces, and relationships that make it possible? What does it look, sound, and feel like to be involved in Cultural Practice today?

Drawing on these questions, the Cultural Practices Magazine aims to build a global picture of Cultural Practice, its objective is to create a live repository of practice that sheds light on the sector in this moment and from around the world. With this call for submissions, we ask you to send a postcard, a digital message from your site of practice. It can be a short video, a sound recording, or series of images with a short message. Each entry will be available on the Cultural Practices Magazine website as part of a new feature which we will launch in early 2022. We welcome entries from anyone working in, with and against the Cultural Sector - museums, art centres, cultural centres, galleries, theatres, festivals, music venues, bloggers, or Civil Society Organisations. For example, are you:

Conserving or practicing with objects

Designing or building an exhibition or set

Working on budgets and project management

Staging or managing a gig

Repairing or developing a building

Protesting and challenging practice

Couriering objects

Co-ordinating and commissioning for a gallery shop

Working on a public installation

Facilitating a workshop or consultation

Digging in a community garden

Leading a guided tour

Taking part in a festival

Directing a play

Cleaning down spaces and making them ready for the public

Moving and caring for artefacts in a store

Managing or assisting at a venue

Producing a film

Trying to figure out “the digital” in your institution

Building new connections

The list, we hope, will be long, insightful and show the multiple, hidden practices that make the cultural sector possible - a love letter to the sector if you will.

Guidelines for Submissions

For this call we will accept short videos, digital sound recordings and small groups of digital images.

Please note: if your recordings or images feature individuals other than you, please ask for permission before submitting. We cannot accept entries featuring the faces of children under the age of 16.

With each submission send a 50 word introduction to your practice accompanied by:



Institution and Place: (e.g.. Centre name and city/territory)

Date: (optional)

Video Submissions

Up to 5 minute continual, uncut/unedited recording from a fixed position in landscape mode on a smartphone or other mobile recording device in any of the following formats: mp4, Quicktime, AVI, MOV. Background sound and talking relevant to the practice is welcome, but no Voice Over or introduction please.

Sound Recording

An image of your practice and a 2-3 minute continual, uncut/unedited recording on a smartphone or other mobile recording device in mp3 format. Background sound is welcome, but no VoiceOver or introduction please.


3-5 digital images in jpg format (300 dpi if possible) that records a piece of practice undertaken on one day.

Please submit your entries to:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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