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We publish 2-3 issues a year, dedicated to reflections and working papers on a particular theme within the cultural and creative industries. However, we are also open to proposals for debate and discussion on topics with a GLAM perspective. In addition, we encourage rapid response pieces that critically engage with current events and present timely reflections for the sector.

We encourage contributions from scholars, postgraduate students, and practitioners working within the sphere of cultural practice at any stage of their careers. We also welcome both interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary contributions that extend discourse and debate.

Along with written pieces, we welcome works in multimedia formats such as memes, videos, pictures, podcasts, and proposals for online conversations.

Written articles should be between 500 and 2,000 words and include images, videos or any other relevant material. We accept pieces written in all languages and welcome translations into English.


Download here

Writing Guidelines 

  • Please use subheadings and bullet points (if appropriate) to help with the readability of your piece

  • Embed URLs in your text

  • Please ensure that any citations are in-text

  • Pieces should come with at least 1 image

  • Attach images separately, but indicate in the text where they should go and provide a caption and credit

  • If you’d like to embed a video, either provide a copy or a link to the video (e.g. YouTube video) and indicate in the text where it should go

Submission Guidelines 

  • Please email your contribution along with a profile picture to

  • Your Insight will be proofread and you might be asked to do changes on it before it’s published

  • Your contribution will be shared on ICP’s social media

Submission Template



Abstract (50-100 words)

Contribution (500-2000 words, if in text format)


Author Biography (max 100 words)

Author’s Twitter account (if any)

Author’s Email

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